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Health & Safety Overview

The health and safety of stakeholders including staff, host communities and subcontractors is of utmost importance to SORL. As such, we will ensure that our operations are conducted in a way that promotes the safety and health of all stakeholders.

At SORL, our values are underpinned by an unwavering focus on 100% HSE, in line with our commitment to keeping employees, communities, environment, and assets safe from harm. Every day, we work together to ensure that everyone goes home safely.

SORL HSE function within our operations ensures that we follow the highest HSE standards encouraging appropriate personal and process safety measures. We have also devised strategic plans for risk management and established emergency response procedures to embed a 100% HSE culture throughout our operations.

Together, we are transforming SORL into an industry benchmark in HSE performance, firmly founded on a strong safety culture that inspires others.