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Environmental Sustainability

It is the responsibility of SORL staff to perform their work in an environmentally sound manner. SORL will consistently promote and encourage awareness to protect and preserve the environment. In implementing this policy, staff are encouraged to pay appropriate regard to the environment by acting to preserve air, water, soil, plants and animals from adverse effects of their actions, or those of subcontractors, to minimize any nuisance which may arise from such actions.

All waste generated when executing any project shall be collected, handled, treated and disposed in such a way as not to have any negative impact on the environment. Also, regular environment quality control measures shall be carried out. In the conclusion of any activity, our ultimate goal is to have left the worksite or environment in a condition as near possible to the state in which it is found.

The QHSE management system will be audited and reviewed regularly to continually improve SORL management of HSE risks.